Shaker VPLab with blending ball 700 ml


Shaker for making and drinking cocktails with a blending ball. 700 ml
Shaker with stainless steel ball, for better mixing of the drink.

You will ask why you need a shaker from VPLAB?

The VPLAB shaker will suit you if you like well-mixed cocktails. This universal shaker is specially designed so that you get a drink without lumps and deposits in just a few seconds. The shaker will be especially suitable for cases when you don't have a blender or don't have the time and desire to wash it. Thanks to the fact that the shaker is equipped with a patented stainless steel ball, it will be able to mix the powder with water or milk in a few seconds and turn it into a homogeneous drink. It doesn't matter what you want to mix, it can be protein powder or creatine or another drink, the shaker will handle it perfectly. If you want a thicker drink, you can add yogurt or cottage cheese, even then the shaker will be able to mix everything well.

The shaker is equipped with a lid and cork, which hermetically seal it and protect it from spillage. The compact size of the shaker of 700 ml allows you to easily put it in your bag and take it with you. The compact size of the shaker, 700 ml, will be perfect for people who lead an active lifestyle and do sports, it can be easily placed in a bag to take with you, the ideal volume of the shaker will provide you with a drink both before and after training.