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By Vplab

Vplab's Casein & Whey is the ultimate protein blend for athletes and fitness enthusiasts, offering the benefits of both fast-absorbing Whey Protein and slow-absorbing Casein in one formula. This balanced Day & Night Formula ensures a continuous supply of amino acids to your muscles, supporting growth and recovery around the clock. Each package contains 500g, equating to 16 servings of bioactive natural micellar casein and high-quality whey protein. 


  • Optimized Muscle Support: Supports muscle building and recovery with a blend of Whey Protein and Casein. 
  • Extended Amino Acid Supply: Provides a steady flow of amino acids to muscles day and night. 
  • High-Quality Protein Sources: Features bioactive natural micellar casein and fast-absorbing whey protein. 

VPLab Casein & Whey is engineered to support your workout and recovery phases, leveraging Whey Protein for rapid amino acid replenishment and Casein for sustained muscle rebuilding. The formula's high biological value means it includes all essential amino acids for effective protein synthesis, making it perfect for post-exercise recovery and nighttime muscle repair. 


  • Balanced Formula: Ideal for day and night consumption to support continuous muscle nourishment. 
  • Rich in BCAAs and Glutamic Acid: Essential for muscle repair, immune support, and overall health. 
  • Supports Immune System: Whey protein offers immunoglobulins, while Casein provides antibacterial and immune benefits. 
  • Versatile Use: Suitable for a wide range of diet plans and fitness goals. 


Per 100 g 

Per Serving*  

Energy value  

1513 kJ / 363 kcal

454 kJ / 109 kcal


2 g

0.6 g

- of which saturated fatty acids  

1.3 g

0.4 g


7.3 g

2.2 g

- of which sugars  

6.7 g

2 g


0.7 g

0.2 g


78.3 g

23.5 g


0.4 g

0.12 g

* Serving Size: 30 g powder in 250 ml water


Ingredients: Micellar casein, whey protein concentrate, flavouring, salt, thickener (carboxymethyl cellulose), sweetener (sucralose), acidifier (citric acid), emulsifier (soy lecithin). 


Ingredients: Micellar casein, whey protein concentrate, reduced fat cocoa powder, flavouring, salt, thickener (carboxymethyl cellulose), sweetener (sucralose), emulsifier (soy lecithin)

Package: 500 g / 16 servings 

Directions: Stir 30 g of powder (1 measuring scoop) in 250 ml of water or juice.