Drinking bottle Gripper

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By Vplab

Introducing the Vplab Drinking Bottle Gripper – the ultimate hydration companion that combines quality, sustainability, and user-friendliness in one eco-conscious package.


  • Ergonomic Design: A comfortable grip makes it easy to carry and use on the go.
  • Easy Refill & Reuse: The screw cap design simplifies the process of refilling and cleaning your water bottle, promoting a sustainable, refillable lifestyle.
  • Water Intake Tracking: Equipped with a clear sightline featuring associated markings, you can easily monitor your hydration levels and keep track of your water intake.


Make a responsible choice for your hydration needs with the Vplab Drinking Bottle Gripper – a high-quality, eco-friendly sports bottle that supports your active lifestyle while caring for the planet.


  • Eco-Conscious & Durable: Our Drinking Bottle Gripper is crafted from high-quality, 100% recyclable, durable materials made from sugarcane-based raw materials, ensuring longevity while reducing your ecological footprint and aiding in greenhouse gas reduction.
  • Food-Safe & Dishwasher Proof: It is made from food-safe LDPE material and ink printed, guaranteeing your safety and ease of cleaning with dishwasher-proof convenience.
  • BPA Free: Our Drinking Bottle Gripper is free from harmful BPA, ensuring your health and well-being.